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Jamaal Charles continues his MVP-caliber campaign, and second-half growth from RT Eric Fisher provides more running lanes and more chances to rip off more of his signature 50-yard jaunts. Andy Reid pores over his list of 10,000 passing plays and finds three or four that can allow the Chiefs to make plays of more than 20 yards in the air. Dontari Poe becomes the league’s most unblockable interior force while Hali and Houston keep bringing the heat from outside. The division comes down to a climactic showdown with the Broncos. Brandon Flowers controls Wes Welker, Sean Smith provides the muscle to slow down Demaryius Thomas, and a punishing Eric Berry hit jars loose a critical fumble to win a nail-biter and return to the top of the AFC West.

Both Keenum and Campbell can Cheap Blackhawks Jerseys boast solid games against the Chiefs, which either means they are both severely underrated, or the Kansas City pass defense is severely overrated.

Keenum got an extra week after his debut to gel with the number one offense and he’ll get start number two this week despite Matt Schaub being healthy. Yes, even the Texans at 2-5 are still in the Wild Card hunt. Is Keenum going to pull out a second half miracle?

Enter the Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota Cheap Blank Hockey Jerseys is 1-6 this season coming off a disheartening loss to the Green Bay Packers. The quarterback situation is puddle of yeesh featuring Christian Ponder, Matt Cassel and Josh Freeman, and what was supposed to be a stout front-seven heading into the season has failed to live up to that billing. Most importantly, at least in Bryant’s case, the Vikings’ pass defense is one of the league’s worst.

The Vikings have given up 16 passing touchdowns this season, more than any team except for the Buffalo Bills. They haven’t made up for their end zone woes with interceptions, either. The Vikings’ seven interceptions on the season put them squarely in the middle of the NFL pack. Opposing quarterbacks have averaged a 97.7 rating against Minnesota, which ranks 27th out of 32 teams.

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