Brees likely to break passing yards record around the Saints’ sixth game

Peyton Manning knows he’s not going to own the career passing yards record for long.
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Manning said last month that he expects Brees to break his career records, and it’s a matter of when and not if.

The optimist counters Andre Johnson Jersey that not every player and situation is the same. The pessimist notes that George has said similar things before, like with the Pacers, where days before he was traded he said, It’s all about trying to bring a championship to Indiana.

And on top of it, George’s desire to play for the Lakers has been well-documented. The Thunder have always been the ones swimming upstream.

However you want to decode the comments, the Thunder are taking George at his word. The communication among George, his representation and the Thunder is said to have been transparent and positive all season long.

And if anything, they’ve secured a seat at the table with George when they otherwise would’ve been locked out of the house. After Kevin Durant left, the Thunder started looking for star-level talent to combine with Westbrook but couldn’t even get a conversation with free agents like Gordon Hayward or hometown guy Blake Griffin.

Asked how players can get what many have called for in recent days after seeing the NBA’s rich get richer, the Rams running back told TMZ, Lockout. Lockout in a couple of years.

Many have predicted some sort of work stoppage is coming after the 2020 season when the current CBA ends.

There were players’ strikes in 1982 and ’87, and, in 2011, owners locked out NFL players Kevin Pillar Womens Jersey from March 12 to July 25. The ’82 strike lasted 57 days, with the schedule reduced to nine games, and the ’87 strike canceled one week of the season with three weeks of replacement games before players returned.

Bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander, a member of the NFLPA’s executive committee, said earlier Thursday that players should push for more guaranteed money even if it means shorter contracts.

Is that cold? Yes. Westbrook is the one who stayed. Losing all three of James Harden, Durant and Westbrook in the span of six or seven years — before any of them passed their primes — would be depressing.